angle Converter


An angle can be defined as the space or the figure formed by two lines (known as the sides of the angle) that meet at a common vertex. Angle is used to compute the amount of turn taken by any object/ person or anything taken into consideration. There are plenty of daily life examples where we come across angles without even knowing about it. For instance, we can see angles formed on the roads, in the building we live, the furniture we use, objects like scissors, spokes in a wheel, etc.. There are different types of angles for e.g. Acute, Obtuse measured using a protractor.

degree [°], A degree is the most commonly used unit for measuring angles. This unit is used while the protractor is used to measure angles for practical applications.

1 radian [rad] = 57.2957795131 degree [°], this is the SI unit to measure angles. Radians are used in mathematical calculations and while doing analysis.

Popular angle unit conversions