area Converter


Area of an object can be expressed as the amount of space occupied by any figure, shape or an object. There are various mathematical formulas used to calculate areas of different objects and shapes based on their dimensions. Calculating area is important in applications like building, painting, farming, scientific research and development, designing appliances, creating furniture, etc.. Device like a planimeter(platometer) is used to measure the area of a 2-D figure. You can use this area converter tool to make it easier for consistent calculations and accurate outputs.

1 square meter [m^2]</strong>, the SI unit of area, which is used for measurement of areas of land blocks, rooms, parks, fabrics, etc.

1 acre [ac] = 4046.8564224 square meter [m^2]</strong>, the most commonly used unit to measure portions of land.

1 hectare [ha] = 10000 square meter [m^2]</strong>, this unit is also used to measure areas of land or farms.

1 square foot [ft^2] = 0.09290304 square meter [m^2]</strong>, this unit is used to measure areas of floors, for flooring or buying carpets.

1 square mile [mi^2] = 2589988.110336 square meter [m^2]</strong>, a unit used to measure very large areas of land portions.

1 square yard [yd^2] = 0.83612736 square meter [m^2]</strong>, used by carpet installers for the measurement of floor areas.