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Length of something could be defined as it's size from one end to the other. There are standards of measurement accepted globally for reliable and accurate measurement. This measurement of length is related to what we use on a dail

y basis, for e.g. calculating the distance between two locations, measuring the fabric, drawing a figure, etc..The units of length or any other measurement help us to communicate and trade conveniently. This length conversion tool will help you convert one unit of length into the other depending on your regular requirements. You will get accurate results and be able to get the consistency in your calculations

Meter, abbreviated as “m”, is known to be the standard and fundamental unit of length. It is used in places like measuring racing distances, fabric length etc.

1 kilometer [km] = 1000 meter [m], abbreviated as “km”, this unit is used to express long travel distances from one place to the other.

1 decimeter [dm] = 0.1 meter [m], this unit is not commonly used but finds its applications in measuring porosity or void fractions.

1 centimeter [cm] = 0.01 meter [m], abbreviated as “cm”, this unit of length is used in measuring smaller lengths, for e.g. notebook, pen, geometric drawings, etc..

1 millimeter [mm] = 0.001 meter [m], written as “mm”, used for measuring small objects like nails, screws, etc..

1 micrometer [µm] = 1.0E-6 meter [m], also referred as Micron, with its symbol “µm”, used to measure diameter or thickness of microscopic objects.

1 nanometer [nm] = 1.0E-9 meter [m], written as “nm”, is used to measure very small objects, for instance, transistors, atomic particles ,etc.. 

1 mile [mi, mi(Int)] = 1609.344 meter [m], written as “mi”, this unit is used in some countries as an alternative to Kilometer on road maps or signboards. 

1 yard [yd] = 0.9144 meter [m], abbreviated as “yd’, this unit is used to express large distances lesser than miles, along with using feet or inches. 

1 foot [ft] = 0.3048 meter [m], this unit is mostly used to measure height(humans), and other shorter lengths.

1 inch [in] = 0.0254 meter [m], used for measuring heights accurately in addition to using foot, or used to measure smaller lengths.

1 megameter [Mm] = 1000000 meter [m], used to specify and measure very large distances across the globe or measure the size of planets.

1 micron [µ] = 1.0E-6 meter [m], this unit is used to measure very tiny objects like the components of an Integrated circuits.

1 picometer [pm] = 1.0E-12 meter [m], this unit is mostly used to specify the size of atomic particles and structures.

1 kiloparsec [kpc] = 3.08567758128E+19 meter [m], this can be referred to as astronomical units used to specify distances between various galaxies or their parts.

1 parsec [pc] = 3.08567758128E+16 meter [m], this unit is mostly used to express large distances to other galaxies and stars, called astronomical units".

1 nautical mile (international) = 1852 meter [m], used to measure distances related to longitudes and latitudes, for instance navigating in oceans. 

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