Temprature Converter


Temperature can be defined as a physical property that tells how cold or hot an object is. It actually refers to the kinetic energy of all the particles in that particular object. When the average kinetic energy is less, the temperature is less and vice versa. Temperature is measured using a calorimeter or a thermometer. Survival of all the organisms on earth depends on the temperature of the environment around them as it affects their physiology. This property of temperature is also important while carrying out many scientific experiments. You can use this temperature converter tool for getting accurate conversions between different units of temperature.

1 Celsius [°C] = 274.15 kelvin [K], also referred to as the Centigrade scale, is the most common unit of temperature used worldwide. 

Kelvin [K], the SI unit of temperature, finds its application in lighting, laboratory experiments, and color temperature detection. 

1 Fahrenheit [°F] = 255.9277777778 kelvin [K], this Fahrenheit scale is widely used by meteorologists to forecast weather.