time Converter


Time is something that goes on, well defined as a period expressed in minutes, hours or seconds during which an action is being performed. We cannot escape from time, we are all surrounded by it every single moment of our life. It is used to describe the duration for which a particular task, process object, an individual existed or will continue to exist. Time never comes back, it only moves forward and it cannot be purchased with money or any luxury. We can measure time using clocks(analog/digital) and calendars.

second [s]</strong>, widely known and accepted as the SI unit of time, works as the base unit laying foundation for other units of time.

1 millisecond [ms] = 0.001 second [s]</strong>, this unit is generally used to measure the time taken by processors in computers . 

1 minute [min] = 60 second [s]</strong>, a commonly used unit to measure time, for instance, duration of a class, a movie or an exercise routine.

1 hour [h] = 3600 second [s]</strong>, 24 hours makes up a day, so hours is used to express a duration for which certain things happened or will be done.

1 day [d] = 86400 second [s]</strong>, a unit used to express longer time, for e.g. days needed to complete an assignment or reach a destination.

1 week = 604800 second [s]</strong>, a unit of time equals 7 days, this unit is used to express the gestational period, or part of the month. 

1 month = 2628000 second [s]</strong>, a unit used to express long durations, as in how long a course will be, the duration of a medication.

1 year [y] = 31536000 second [s]</strong>, this unit is used to express someone’s age, the duration of a relationship, or time taken by earth to go around the Sun.