CSV to JSON Converter

Simple and easy CSV to JSON Converter, just paste the CSV and get JSON representation.

CSV to JSON Converter


CSV stands for Comma separated values. This format is used to represent data in a tabular form with a file extension of .csv in it. The entire data in a CSV file is in plain text format separated by commas. We also call CSV files as flat files as there is no formatting or formula is included in a CSV File. Data is not manipulated by CSV files and can be easily edited using any text editor. High volumes of data can be easily exported to CSV formats with efficient human readability and easier to manage.


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is a data-interchange format. The features of JSON include human readability, light-weight, easy to implement, data serialization and transmission, language independent. The most important use of JSON is to transmit data between web servers and web applications.This language is an extension of JavaScript. Any JavaScript object can be easily converted into JSON and transmitted to the web servers for communication and vice-versa. Text is the most commonly used format for communication and JSON helps in storing Javascript objects as Text. Any other programming language can use the JSON files easily because of the text format.