JSON to YAML Converter

JSON and YAML, both file formats are used heavily in coding. If you are struggling to convert the JSON to YAML, then here is a simple and fast Converter for you.

JSON to YAML Converter


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is a data-interchange format. The features of JSON include human readability, light-weight, easy to implement, data serialization and transmission, language-independent. The most important use of JSON is to transmit data between web servers and web applications.This language is an extension of JavaScript. Any JavaScript object can be easily converted into JSON and transmitted to the web servers for communication and vice-versa. Text is the most commonly used format for communication and JSON helps in storing Javascript objects as Text. Any other programming language can use the JSON files easily because of the text format.


YAML or we can say “YAML Ain’t Markup Language” which is used for various purposes namely configuration files, data serialization, log files, Internet Messaging, etc.. The reason behind the popularity of YAML is the feature of human readability and easy portability between various programming languages. You can work on YAML files using any text editor making it easily accessible. YAML is highly used in applications where data storage, manipulation, and transmission is required. Its data-oriented specialization makes it a better choice for configuration. A language that has similar features like YAML is JSON which are used interchangeably.