XML to Base64 Converter

If you are struggling to convert/encode the XML to Base64 Converter, then here is a simple free Image to Base64 Converter for you.

XML to Base64 Converter


Base64 refers to the group of encoding schemes that converts binary data to textual data. When you need to convert a binary input into ASCII string to be used on a certain platform, base64 encoding schemes are used. You can use this feature in JavaScript using functions namely btoa() and atob(), i.e. binary to ASCII and vice versa. Base64 encoding schemes often minimize the data size for easy transmission, thus reducing the load time and better browsing performance. The string of input bytes is divided into a group of 6 bits each where each group is then mapped to an ASCII character.


XML known as Extensible Markup Language is an extension of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language). The major difference between HTML and XML is that HTML specifies how data will be displayed on the webpage, whereas XML is used in data identification, storage, and data organization. The best part about XML is that all kinds of data can be represented using XML documents. XML is not a programming language but rather encodes the data in a way that is both machine and human readable.XML is absolutely compatible with other languages, extendable and easily portable. Any complex data could be easily handled by XML using tree structures.