XML to JSON Converter

A simple and fast tool to convert XML to JSON and vice - versa. XML and JSON both formats are used to transfer data across the internet.

XML to JSON Converter


XML known as Extensible Markup Language is an extension of SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language). The major difference between HTML and XML is that HTML specifies how data will be displayed on the webpage, whereas XML is used in data identification, storage, and data organization. The best part about XML is that all kinds of data can be represented using XML documents. XML is not a programming language but rather encodes the data in a way that is both machine and human readable.XML is absolutely compatible with other languages, extendable and easily portable. Any complex data could be easily handled by XML using tree structures.


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is a data-interchange format. The features of JSON include human readability, light-weight, easy to implement, data serialization and transmission, language independent. The most important use of JSON is to transmit data between web servers and web applications.This language is an extension of JavaScript. Any JavaScript object can be easily converted into JSON and transmitted to the web servers for communication and vice-versa. Text is the most commonly used format for communication and JSON helps in storing Javascript objects as Text. Any other programming language can use the JSON files easily because of the text format.